Betty Crockers Hamburger Cookbook

Whatever your budget, whatever your schedule, whatever the occasion, you can rely on hamburger to fill the bill. And the 140-plus recipes in this book are tempting testaments to its flexibility and versatility. — You'll find hamburger formed and flavored to suit your every need. As a snack, sandwich or main course. As a slow-simmering stew or a quick-to-the-table patty. And, of course, as a burger, meatball or meat loaf. For do-it-aheading, there's a special chapter of freezer recipes. And for cook-it-quicking, there are special instructions for the care and handling of hamburger in a microwave oven. So if you're stumped for some new ways to treat your favorite meat, go no farther. Help is at hand.

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Book Title: Betty Crockers Hamburger Cookbook

Book Author: Betty Crocker

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ISBN: 0307099202