In Later Years: Finding Meaning and Spirit in Aging

A Unitarian Universalist minister and chaplain at a large senior residence community leads us on a journey through the stories and experiences of elders, offering insights into navigating this unique stage of life. Drawing on scores of personal interviews, this straightforward yet introspective volume provides a felt sense, grounded in real-life accounts, of the challenges and blessings of aging. Unlike many books on the topic, In Later Years: Finding Meaning and Spirit in Aging focuses particularly on older seniors—those in their late seventies, eighties, and nineties. Through their personal reflections, Marshall explores questions of meaning and spirituality. Interviewees thoughtfully share about their joys, regrets, accomplishments, and things left unfinished, while also considering the ways they cope with diminishing physical and mental abilities. Marshall weaves their accounts together, revealing larger themes and holding up the opportunities for discovery, connection, and renewal available to us in advanced age. The book also serves as an invaluable resource for family members and caregivers, suggesting ways to help, ways to connect, and ways to understand the issues that attend growing old. Detailed appendices provide tips and a simple curriculum for gathering and facilitating group discussions.

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Book Title: In Later Years: Finding Meaning and Spirit in Aging

Book Author: Bruce T. Marshall

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